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SSmith's DJ sets, newest first. Click on the image to go to the page for the set, where you can play it and view the track listing. The gallery scrolls horizontally.

Notes from Bobbeaux: The oldest three of these were my first disco mixes since about 1985, before I had started producing my own music under the name of Sebastian Smith. Those three were all done in Apple's GarageBand. It was a bit tricky sometimes because then it had no pitch lock to enable tracks with slightly different BPM to mesh together easily. I had to pick the faster track and snip up beats of rhythm and pull each beat in line with the slower track. Man - I'm not going through that again. At the time I said, “No more mixes until I get hold of some proper DJ software”!

Well, finally I got a copy of Algoriddim djay - it was awesome for the price, like an Apple iLife DJ application - sample and hold, pitch locked synch and masses of sound effects.

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All photos by Bob Johnson.
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