Cool Stuff
Cool Stuff

A tone matrix on-line that works in real time. Entertain yourself for hours and drive the neighbours nuts with your improvisations! Left to right represents time, top to bottom represents pitch. This means that you can do some fairly amazing musical tricks with not too much knowledge. The illustration on the left gives an idea of what to do - just touch the cells in the matrix to start or stop them chiming.

Real-time moon phases and up-to-date info on the phase of the moon, pecent illuminated and time and date of the last and next full and new moons. This site also has a world sun clock that shows the seasons, dawn and dusk in real time. It even has a 3 hourly update of satellite imagery of the clouds. You will be able to see how the British Isles seem to suck in the clouds from both east and west, giving us one of the poorest climates in the world.

Fallas from Valencia. One of the most impressive fiestas on the planet, to celebrate Valencia's patron saint St. Joseph. Over 360 groups each one representing a neigbourhood of the city or one of the outlying villages work all year round preparing for Fallas, which runs officially from 12th to 19th of March, with the 19th being the culmination of the fiesta on St. Joseph's day.

As every Irish person reading this will have realised, St. Patrick's day is right in the middle and yes, the Valencians gather in style around the local Irish pubs to celebrate that as well!